How to fix a hole on a drywall wall? (BOSTON, MA)

How to fix a hole on your drywall wall?

Tools needed:

  • Drywall Saw, Drywall Screws, Drywall Tape, Extra plywood (scraps) for backer board, Drywall rasp,Fiberglass mesh tape, Plaster or drywall mud, Primer paint, Electric drill

Step 1: Inspect the hole

Step 2: Measure the hole

Step 3: MakeĀ  A Bigger Hole

Step 4: Place Backer Board

Step 5: Cut A New Drywall Patch

Step 6: Install the new drywall patch


Step 7: Apply Fiberglass mesh tape on the drywall patch

Step 8: Apply drywall mud or plaster

Step 10: Apply Second and third coat of mud

Step 11: Sand the area


Step 12: Paint the drywall patch

Watch the full video below:


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