5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Rhode Island

5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Rhode Island

It’s a term that worries a number of men. Erectile Dysfunction in Rhode Island is more common than you might think. For the uninitiated, erectile dysfunction is nothing but the inability to attain or keep up a firm erection during sexual intercourse. While occasional erectile dysfunction is actually quite common due to stress and psychological factors, if you are suffering from frequent ED, it is a matter of concern and needs medical attention. Generally, if you have trouble getting an erection or feel a reduced interest in sex, it may be a sign of erectile dysfunction. There are a number of things you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction. But the most important thing to be aware of is what causes it. Today, we give you 5 common causes of erectile dysfunction that men should be aware of.


Hypertension is the medical condition in which the blood pressure in arteries is persistently elevated. Such high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is often caused by unhealthy lifestyle and bad food habits. Eating healthy food and exercising regularly can help keep hypertension at bay and therefore, avoid erectile dysfunction

Cardiovascular diseases

Diseases associated with the heart or blood vessels are called cardiovascular diseases. Stroke, heart failure, heart arrhythmia are cardiovascular diseases and they may result in erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by several factors including high blood cholesterol, diabetes and other such conditions. The best way to avoid such diseases is healthy lifestyle choices and exercise.

Alcohol Use

Excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the most common causes that lead to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is a depressant and long term alcohol consumption leads to conditions like hypertension. It affects the blood vessels which play a major role in erections during sexual encounters.

Smoking and Drug Use

Drugs affect your nervous system and some even block your testosterone causing erectile dysfunctions. Smoking affects your blood vessels and results in blockage of arterial blood supply to the penis thus leading to erectile dysfunction. Saying no to drugs and smoking is indirectly saying yes to sex.

Old Age

And then there is old age. It has been observed that erectile dysfunction is common among men older than 50 years of age. However, regardless of age, erectile dysfunction can be treated.

Most of these causes can be avoided by taking good care of your health. However, if you do end up facing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you should consult a doctor and get yourself treated to enjoy a happy and fulfilling sexual life.

Rhode Island Low Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Rhode Island Low Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

If you’re visiting this website, you’re probably concerned about your Testosterone Levels, or those of a man that you love. Testosterone Deficiency is a serious medical issue which has a profound impact on overall wellness. Unlike what you may realize, Testosterone affects far more than your sexual health and desire. Low-T is reaching epidemic levels among aging men, especially those that don’t maintain active lifestyles, or those that are overweight. Of course, because of the nature of Andropause, the male Menopause, no man is safe from the effects of Low-T if they manage to live long enough.

Our Rhode Island  Low-T Treatment Center offers its services to male patients of at least thirty years of age that suffer from diagnosed Testosterone Deficiency. Our professional Hormone Doctors can also help you tackle a number of other health and hormone issues, including adult-onset Human Growth Hormone Disorder.

Symptoms of Low-T and How to Recognize the Signs

Idiopathic Testosterone Deficiency is a multifaceted disorder that has powerful effects on various systems all throughout the human body, most notably, the reproductive system. The issues go far beyond sex and sexuality, however. Low-T is a serious health disorder which can impact both your quality of life and your mortality risk.

Men with Testosterone Deficiency are more likely to experience heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more. Men that have Low Testosterone Levels are also more likely to experience anxiety, depression, poor sleeping habits, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass. Don’t let Low-T take over your life and prevent you from living the way you choose. Contact us today to speak to a Rhode Island  Hormone Specialist in your area!

Treating Testosterone Deficiency in Rhode Island

Even though Low-T poses a significant risk to patients, it can be treated easily and less expensively than ever. Our Rhode Island  HRT Clinic helps reduce the burden by specializing in Testosterone and Hormone Therapy, reducing the cost to the patient. We also work with our affiliates to streamline the path from consultation to prescription while also providing you with the accurate diagnosis that you deserve.

If your blood test shows that you can benefit from Testosterone Therapy and your physical proves that you are healthy enough for treatment, we will work with you to design a specific Low-T Therapy regimen with your needs, budget, and lifestyle in mind. Most Andropause Patients choose from one of three options: Low-T Injections, Testosterone Creams, or Testosterone Replacement Patches.

Low-T Patches are applied directly to the skin, usually to the upper arm or abdomen, and deliver a 24 hour stream of Testosterone directly from the patch to the bloodstream. Testosterone Creams are massaged into the skin once daily, often under the arms, in order to boost T-Levels. Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate remain quite popular, especially among those looking for the most cost-effective option, or those that prefer receiving treatment once or twice per month rather than every day. It’s all up to you!

Rhode Island  Comprehensive Testosterone and Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

When you get your results from our Rhode Island  Testosterone Clinic, we may recommend other treatments in combination with your Low-T Therapy. This is completely optional, but could significantly benefit you as a patient. We regularly find that patients with Testosterone Deficiency simultaneously suffer from another form of Hormone Imbalance known as Somatopause, or Age Related HGH Deficiency. Both become more common as men pass the age of thirty.

If you are qualified and interested, we can supply you with Bio-Identical Growth Hormone Therapy along with your Prescription Low-T Medication. The two treatments are safe to take together, and both treatments complement one another, further improving your results. We will also test Insulin Levels, Thyroid Hormone Production and a number of other factors in order to treat all of your needs as a patient as simultaneously as possible!


How To Use Testosterone Injection Properly?

we’re going to start by opening up the three of us syringe should be sterile
you want to open it up
you want to keep it sterile now because testosterone is a thick oily liquid
we’re going to use two different alleles
first we’re going to use the 18 games so I peel that back and i put the 18-gauge
needle on there and then it’s going to cover on we’re going to take that cover
you would never reject yourself of this is a very big deal
and then what you will do is you will take the testosterone and first you open
alcohol swab and you wipe the top all the time being careful not to
contaminate the neil wipe the top in a circular motion then you invert the
testosterone and you’ll put the needle right in the middle of the rubber
you’ll draw back depending on the dose but I’m starting at 0.75 ml’s for you
which is between . 5 and 1.75 is halfway between the two you can see that you can
draw back more than your dose if there are any air bubbles in there you can
pick it to get the air bubbles out
they just push up slowly to the dose which again is . so fly for you and you
take it out now
again you’re not going to use that that’s too big a needle you put the cap
back on carefully and you just twist to take it off then you take the much
smaller needle which is a 25 gauge you can see that’s much smaller
that’s what you would inject now in order to show you the injection
technique i’m not going to use testosterone
because Jason my model doesn’t need it well i am going to use just for
demonstration purposes is a similar amount of b12 have the same needle honor
ok so now i’m going to have Jason come over and what
I’m going to first prepare the area now where we inject we inject into the meat
of the of the shoulder
he’s got a little bit more meat if you ever wonder where you can stand in the
mirror at that party shoulder sticks out the most
if you can’t tell you feel the bony top and right when the show starts to go
into the lower part of the arm
okay you just spread your fingers out there and you are right in the middle
ok but again it’s the part that’s right in the middle of your shoulder
you know I go too low or too high and what you do is you wipe that area
starting a circular motion with an alcohol swab and i usually do it twice
do that again circular motion from the inside to be out
ok now the air is clean that’s alcohol will take the top off and the whole idea
with this is you want to completely put the kneel at a at a right angle into the
not like this not down straight in so here’s the thickest part of his most of
the part I clean and what I like to do is put my wrist here so you have some
type of fulcrum and you just tell all right on three general Philip inch 1 2 3
out and then you put your hands up to the top . you inject it’s also go slower
than this because it’s a thick oil and then you pull out
okay hold some pressure on it and then after I just pretended on and that’s it
so that’s a technique for drawing up and administer and testosterone row

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New Study Shows New Rhode Island Dads Suffers From Low Testosterone (Low – T)

New Study Shows New Rhode Island Dads Suffers From Low Testosterone (Low – T)

What is testosterone? a steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics, produced mainly in the testes, but also in the ovaries and adrenal cortex.

Testosterone dips to a very low number after men becomes a father or becomes a new parent.

The more he gets involve in raising the child, like changing diapers, playing and reading the child bed time stories.

The study took a great samples of men during their single life and childless and compared after the men became parents.  A doctor in Harvard Medical University was asked what’s the take away from this study is and he said “male parental care is important, so important that it actually shaped the physiology of men”.

The study, experts say, suggests that men’s bodies evolved hormonal systems that helped them commit to their families once children were born. It also suggests that men’s behavior can affect hormonal signals their bodies send, not just that hormones influence behavior. And, experts say, it underscores that mothers were meant to have child care help.

“This is part of the guy being invested in the marriage,” said Carol Worthman, an anthropologist at Emory University who also was not involved in the study. Lower testosterone, she said, is the father’s way of saying, “ ‘I’m here, I’m not looking around, I’m really toning things down so I can have good relationships.’ What’s great about this study is it lays it on the table that more is not always better. Faster, bigger, stronger — no, not always.”

Read the Whole Article Here

How do you know if your testosterone level have gone down? First find the nearest Testosterone Replacement Center In Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Type this following web address on the URL bar: www.trcenter.net, after reading and learning more about the symptoms and treatment for Low Testosterone or also called Low T. Set up an appointment that week. You will need to get a your testosterone level check with a blood test. If you can’t handle needles you definitely have low testosterone (bad joke, I know). Anyways, once the doctor determined that you have a low testosterone. He will put you on a testosterone replacement regiment which includes injecting you with testosterone to help your body start producing testosterone and get you back in normal level. Many former Low T deficient patients told us that they felt the effects in one day. They have more energy, they feel stronger and have great sex drives which their wife or girlfriends love. They felt like they got the old person back in their life.

If you go to your closes testosterone replacement center in Providence Rhode Island Today! I promise your old self back, GET BACK IN THE GAME!

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